my yellow blanket

i am not a very sentimental person. i don't like to keep things just because someone i love gave them to me, or because they represent a memory.

i was laying underneath my yellow blanket the other day. and i thought to myself, "my grandma made this blanket for me about twenty years ago. twenty years seems like a long time to have a blanket." my grandma made one of these blankets for each of her grandchildren. zack had a brown one. lauren had a purple one. brandon had a blue one. i can remember all of these blankets that were made so long ago.

my grandma makes a lot of interesting things. she sends us handmade goods each year. and i'll be honest, most of these goods hold zero use to me. but this blanket, made so long ago, is one i will keep forever, and probably pass on to my children someday. it's not that i particularly like this blanket... yellow is not my favorite color (even though i am certain grandma thinks it is) nor does it match a single thing in my house. but it keeps me warm, and it reminds me of her, and all of the hard work she puts in to making things for her loved ones.

as much as i don't like my yellow blanket, i really do.


Anonymous said...

I still have my blanket, too! Funny, isn't it! Love you much, and I really hope to see you, Justin, Finn, and May Baby in July!