change number one.

today is justin's last day working at his current job. he has been a 'staffing specialist' (one who finds employees for companies who need jobs filled) for two years now. it has been a good place for us, but in the past few months, we have both felt the need for change.

justin will be starting his new job at samaritian ministries international next monday (or tuesday, not sure exactly!) this wouldn't be a huge deal, except that SMI is located in peoria, illinois. and we are still located six hours west of said location. so while justin is adjusting to his new job, finn and i will be working our rear ends off in O trying to get our house sold, packed, and ready for the transition to illinois.

i am very excited for justin... sometimes a job change is just what you need, and i think it is just what justin needs. i am sad that i have no idea when our family will all live in the same building again, but i also know that we are strong, and will persevere through this season of change. i just can't wait for the change to be complete! all in God's time, i suppose.


~jarrod & melissa~ said...

we are prayin' that things will move quickly for you guys and we are really excited to have you guys back in central illinois!!! love you all

Tonya said...

yay! you're moving closer :)

lindsay said...

wow, what a huge transition for you guys - even bigger since you're pregnant (we moved during BOTH of my pregnancies...that was less than fun for me)...so we'll be praying that it all goes smoothly & quickly. sounds exciting!