choo choo brings change

i know i have mentioned it before, but this is finn's very favorite book, a christmas gift from his cousin caroline. it's not just that it is his favorite book... if we ONLY read this book, finn would be just as happy as if we read every book he owned. and it's not like we have to read the book... afterall, it is a look and find... we just have to ask where this and that is, over and over and over. but receiving this book has really made me realize finn's potential. i never would have thought he was old enough to learn how to search for an object on a page, much less learn new objects and people, like "the porter," who is just a random guy toting along a suitcase.
finn's desire for a challenge has challenged ME to challenge HIM! i guess i have always had that block in the back of my mind, "oh, he's too little to understand, why even try..." but in reality i have been holding him back from his potential with that way of thinking. finn understands a lot, and i am excited to see the growth in him, when i am actually helping to push him forward with new opportunities.


Tonya said...

Isn't it fun to see our kids learn! Even Ivory learning to grab at things is fun to watch. Have fun with Finn and learning!