holidays,over. back to normal. kind of.

well, the holidays have passed, again. i have spent all morning putting away christmas decorations, our fake trees, and organizing. the house is looking kind of bare. which is what january through march are like - bare, with no holidays or visitors or happenings of excitement. so i suppose it is only right that the house matches the time of year. i just can't wait for summer!

right now, finn has thomas the train on, and is spinning in circles. he has been really funny the last couple of days. talking in his little toddler talk, seriously trying to have conversations with us. dancing and trying to sing tunes. and he is addicted to this dvd called "praise baby." anytime i ask him if he wants to watch a show he goes to the movie drawer and pulls out "babies" as he refers to it, and will not stop asking until i agree to let him watch it. he got a lot of fun toys for christmas from various people. among his favorites are his buzz lightyear cell phone, farm animal fridge thingy, a keyboard, matchbox cars, a pretend welding torch, and from cousin caroline, his "choochoo" look and find book (which i am glad he likes it and all, but i am so sick of that book!). finn got lots of other goodies too, too many to mention.

after several years of having our xm radio and a handheld compaq ipaq sit in a box in a closet, justin has finally managed to get rid of both of them, in a trade. he got several large pieces of coral for his reef in exchange, which we both think he got the better end of the deal as these pieces of coral range anywhere from $50-$100+ each!! it worked well for us, as those electronics had just been sitting around forever. maybe justin will post a pic soon of his re-worked tank.

i am busy, scurrying around the house, cleaning this, organizing that... organizing is my obsession. it always seems that there is a better place for each and every item in our house... i know it drives justin crazy, but to me, a household is like a puzzle that can never be finished, there is always a new piece, or a new spot, so all of the pieces get jostled around, in a never ending cycle. i love it. OH! and my brother got us a years subscription to netflix for christmas!! what a great gift. it's great, because not only do I LOVE movies, but i also love not getting stuff for christmas, so this is something that won't just sit around! if you want to be netflix friends, our email is easleyjustin@hotmail.com. befriend me, it would be fun.

and there is your little update. time for lunch.