losing it. and by 'it', i mean the phone.

i would debate that pregnancy doesn't tend to make me all emotional. nor does it make more clumsy than usual, or even more forgetful really. some might argue this, but i think i am pretty much my normal self, with the exception of being extra tired, sometimes sick, and usually achy.

but if i had a dollar for every time i lost, misplaced, or just forgot where i put my cell phone in the last two months, i would be one wealthy mama. lucky we have the internet, so i usually just IM justin at work so he can call my phone so i can locate it by the ringer. (the only time this did not work, was when the phone was outside for an entire night, in zero degree weather, sitting on the ice. it miraculously survived and was found.)

today i couldn't find my phone. the disturbing thing was that not two hours earlier, i was sitting at the breakfast table, my phone next to me, and i picked it up to check it's battery life, which it had four "nuggets" left. i put it back down, and that was the last time i remembered seeing it.
i looked everywhere. justin wasn't answering the IM and so my last attempt was to email all my family members, hoping someone would look at their email soon. and then it rang. it was on the kitchen table. underneath my purse. thanks caron. for not only helping me find my phone, but also making me feel like a complete dodo.


joyce said...

ahhh...so glad you found it! Now I can sleep tonight! :) Jerry told me to go ahead and call you....but just couldn't bring myself to call you and maybe wake you up at 11:20 pm!!!

i am dede said...

Corrie...sorry Mom failed you but I just read my emails from yesterday...this is what happens when you have a few days off of work and not on a normal schedule...it has been Saturday for the last 3 days! So glad you found your phone! Loves & Hugs!

Tonya said...

I can't tell you how many times I have lost my cell phone and had to have someone call it. We don't have a land line so it is the only source of reaching the outside world! Glad you found it.