justin's first haircut

tomorrow morning will be the first time justin has gotten his hair cut by the hands of an actual barber since we have been married. i have been the barber.

i don't particularly enjoy cutting his hair... we are just really, cheap, i mean, thrifty. my roommate from college, regina, bought us a hair trimmer thingy for our wedding (she was always really good at cutting hair, did mine all through college, and is now attending cosmotology school in NYC...) so we really haven't paid to have justin's hair cut for the last five and a half years.

but now there are too many factors resulting in my negativity towards the cut.
1. i am pregnant, which automatically exempts me from doing any extracurricular thing that i don't want to do.
2. our house is for sale, and haircuts are generally a very messy ordeal, and i just don't feel like cleaning up hair specks for the next three weeks.
3. justin is starting a new job next week, so he should be able to feel and appear his best.
4. i need my haircut too, so we may as well go in together.

so here is to the end of a haircutting era... at least for now.


Tonya said...

I totally hear you because the only person in our house that gets hair cuts are me and they are usually every 7 to 8 months!

~jarrod & melissa~ said...

i have been cutting jarrods hair for the last year or so and i have finally retired too...it is so nice!!!