fun with playdough

about to kiss the playdough puppy that i made. finn loves puppies!

finn upset because i am taking photos... and then being cute again

play play play... finn was really upset when we put the playdough away. he didn't really 'get' how to play with it yet, but being as it is something new to him, he just like looking at the jars and squishing the dough. he liked seeing the things i made, like the puppy (whose head and tail kept falling off...)


Tonya said...

Oh what fun it looks like you are having!

Lauren said...

I still have 2 puppies who need homes......and finn loves puppies......are you catching my drift?!?!?! :) Just kidding... you will certainly have enough on your plate without a hyper lab pup to mold. Much Love and cannot wait to see you in July!!!

joyce said...

sooo cute! Sure wish you both were coming with Justin this weekend! Miss you all!!