i heart cinnamon melts...

several weeks ago justin got a mcdonalds cinnamon melt. that night i felt only like ingesting sodium and grease drenched foods, so i declined a bite.
today, after noting that target no longer sells my favorite vitamin-enhanced-pomegranite-blueberry-flavored water at the check out lane, (and being very disappointed about this) i opted to pick up a chocolate shake at mcdonalds on my way home... this of course was a gamble, as the shake machine seems to only work 15% of the time i stop at mcdonalds. so i ordered my shake, after checking that the machine was working, and saw a little picture of the cinnamon melt, and thought that would go well with the shake.
it was so good. it is just about AS GOOD AS a cinnabon. and that is saying a lot, because i love cinnabons. and it was the perfect amount of food. all in all, the cinnamon melt is perfect and you should go out and try one immediately.