track meet.

monday evening finn and i met grandpa and grandma at my brother in law (jordan's) track meet. he is finishing up his junior year of high school... the last kiddo in the family! i was a little hesitant to take finn, as he has never really been to an event of this magnitude, but he did great, and even the people sitting around us had something to say about him! finn was constantly cheering for someone! 'go uncle jordan!!' or 'running, running, all running!!' or repeating after grandma, whoever she happened to be cheering at the time. we started at the high jump, which jordan won. i think finn wanted to try it himself! here he is below crouching down to get a better view, and cheering the jumpers on. my camera died before we made it to the bleachers. after the high jump, we went up into the bleachers, ate our burgers, and enjoyed the races and beautiful weather. jordan won 400 with a great time, and placed in the 100 and the 4x200. i think. i can't remember... but his school won by ten points, and it was a great meet to go to.

here is finn just standing and being cute.


caron said...

oh man! looks like a great time!