full family update.

only three weeks left at the most.
can't wait to sleep on my stomach again.
excited to meet the new baby, and get on with life as a four member family.
still have a few more details to iron out with becoming real illinois-ians.
been snoring a lot at night. because of extra weight. sorry husband.

really enjoys his new work, and even got a raise already!
is going to a board gaming convention tonight and tomorrow.
is getting over what we suspect to be a sinus infection.
was almost eleven pounds when he was born, and i am hoping i never have one his size!

getting really good at eating with a spoon.
not so much with a fork.
has had a gross runny nose for two weeks (which gets smeared all over his face. mm.)
loves having other people around besides just me. can you blame him!
still loves thomas the train.

rudy. the dog.
likes living in the country... i think.
loves getting into the trash cans here.
enjoys having another dog around to pester and bark with.
has actually been really good, rascally and mischievious, but good.


Tonya said...

Can't wait to hear what to see pictures of the new baby!

Tonya said...

also I tagged you for 7 random things about you.