not quite 'low key'

the day was going great. very quiet.
we went to my dr.appt. at 1 where the dr. felt that with the decreased movement i have been feeling and the heart rate that he was hearing, that fetal monitoring for 20-40 minutes was necessary.

so i got someone to pick finn up... and i was a mess, of course, thinking my little unborn child was somehow in distress. it turned out, after the 20 minutes of monitoring, that baby is just fine... and nothing to worry or think twice about. phew.

but it was still scary... and once i start crying it is hard for me to stop! that's just how i roll. so anyway, i picked finn up around 4 (no nap for the little guy today...) and we went thru the dairy queen drive-thru, because i just needed something chocolatey and cold.

i will microwave something for finn for dinner, put him to bed and then plop down on the couch and probably fall asleep to pathetic monday night prime time shows.

my eyes hurt.


Tonya said...

Corrie I am so glad that the baby is ok. I'm like that too with the crying. And it seems like that has been happening alot lately with me being sick AGAIN. Ugh.

lindsay said...

oh, corrie, that would freak me out too. NOT the news you want to hear when you're getting close to the due date! whew. glad everything's OK.