oh my. 35 weeks and four more to go, tops.

well, i found a doctor here in illinois. there was a lot of hooplah trying to get things organized for me to actually see this doctor, but it worked out and i went today. so here's what i know.

my estimated due date: may 24.
my estimated c-section date: 39 weeks, which puts me around the 16th of may.
my baby's current weight: SIX AND A HALF POUNDS.
my baby's estimated birth weight: giant.

finn came at 38 weeks, so i am hoping this baby follows suit... although, that would mean only 3 weeks left, which is really, really insane.

only time will tell!


lindsay said...

are you already in illinois? BOO! we didn't even get to give you a proper sendoff!

corrie said...

yeah, it was pretty 'all of a sudden.' crazy like.

Tonya said...

Hey if you have the baby on the 17th of May they will share a birthday with Tanner my 3rd :) Not that I wish you to be pregnant any longer than you need too.

lindsay said...

you punk!

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