pop.soda.love. need....

when i would come home from soccer practice in high school, the first thing i would do, would be to guzzle (quickly) an entire can of mountain dew. after this, i would have another can, to enjoy and savor.

caffeine never bothered me. i could drink an entire can of caffeinated soda right before bed and fall asleep just fine.

then when i found out i was pregnant with finn, i was fairly certain i would die without being able to drink soda. water? you want me to drink water? are you kidding? milk? drink milk? do people actually drink milk!? but i survived, and afterward, was better for it -- it was really hard for me to drink caffeinated pop after that. i would be awake for hours, or i would get a horrible headache...

so i adapted, and adopted diet rite as my new, non-caffeinated soda. and with this pregnancy, i have done very well, and rarely miss pop at all.

until last weekend when i was in the drive thru at mcdonalds. and i had my window down in preparation to order, when i heard the lady in front of me order a DR. PEPPER. i can't remember the last time i had dr. pepper, but it's pretty much all i have been able to think about for the last six days.

i feel a bit like i might 'fall off the wagon!'no - must resist temptation...

(picture by matthew labutte...)