tagged: 7 random things about me.

tonya tagged me, so here i am. actually, i think this is my first 'blog tag.' here are seven random things about me.

1. i hate insects of all kinds. i can't even pick up dead insects. when i find a bug in my house, i don't kill it. i cover it up with a tupperware container, and put a heavy canned good on top (just so it doesn't escape).

2. i had a bunionectomy on both feet when i was 19. the ligments holding my big toes to my feet had become weak, causing the toe bone to stick out very far... so they broke the bone, inserted some screws to hold it in place, and repaired the ligament. all better now.

3. i am addicted to organizing. it just seems like there is always a better place for my belongings than the day before! drives justin crazy, but keeps me sane.

4. my middle name is laura, after my great grandma on my dad's side. she brought up my dad and his brother, david. she passed away the day of my junior prom.

5. the first place my husband and i ate at after we got married (with the exception of room service) was IHOP, which also happens to be the first place my in-laws ate at after they got married (at least i am pretty sure i am not making that up). i got chocolate chip pancakes, one of my very favorite meals.

6. i get really bad migraines. supposedly related to stress, but i don't know. i remember the first one i got was my freshman year of high school in 7th hour world history class with mr. bixler. i just got up and left! and i walked home; we lived about three blocks from the school.

7. i have lived in 12 different homes, not including dorm rooms. if i included those, we'd be up to 14. yeah, i am used to moving. that's probably the reason i am such a minimalist! the less you have, the less you have to move!

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