yesterday was a great mail day. finn got a package from uncle zack, containing THREE new thomas the tank engine books. this is great, because i have managed to get away with hiding the one i have read over and over. finn even loves the mickey mouse package the books arrived in! you can't see mickey in these pictures, as he is facing finn, but he carries it around with him all around the house.

we also received a package from my parents, containing some superb goods from switzerland... justin and i got some WONDERFUL, chocolate that just melts in your mouth. maybaby got a great little onesie, and finn got a really cute little t-shirt.

and then there is this little package... huge package. getting... heavy...

and, yes, lauren, this is a self-photo - if you want them of me, this is how you get them.... i don't trust finn with the camera yet...


darby said...

corrie, here's the poem you requested.

house, sell.
baby, come easy.
finn, keep on.
corrie, sleep.

Tonya said...

Oh Corrie you are a very cute pregnant lady. I think you should have a guessing game for the sex, weight, and height. I'm assuming you will have the c-section at 39 weeks. So that is probably already scheduled, maybe???

Chari & Darin said...

Love the pictures...all of them! Looks like you swallowed a basketball! So glad you're feeling well this pregnancy tho...no hobbit feet! Hoping you're sleeping better! Love you guys! Enjoy some chocolate for me!