ready. set. go.

finn and rudy are such beggars... justin was snacking on potato chips. also got a good picture of finn's curls! they will be chopped off before too long, as they are getting a little unruly -- but they are pretty cute!

we spent a large portion of the weekend - about all of saturday, with the exception of three hours - minivan shopping. one of justin's co-workers knows the owner of several main dealerships in town, and gave us a SUPER deal on this chrysler town and country. it's an '05 with only 24k miles on it!! we never thought that we could get that new of a vehicle in our price range... connections ARE everything! we are happy to have a new addition to the fleet.
if you know anyone who needs an old beater that runs great (just has a few cosmetic and comfort issues that could be fixed easily) for a few hundred bucks, let me know!


Tonya said...

Welcome to the minivan club! We have a town and country and LOVE IT! In a few months it will be completely full with CAR SEATS!!! I can't wait :)

Anonymous said...

hey i would love to talk to you about the beater.... :)

Chari & Darin said...

Ditto...welcome to those of us who have given in to the minivan club...and have actually grown to appreciate the space and comfort of it! You CAN drive a minivan and still be cool!

Hope you don't cut those curls off before we get to see them in person! ;)