finn is one!!

yesterday was finn's first birthday. it was great. we even got locked out of the house and car for a short period of time - lucky it was 80 and sunny! here are photos from finn's big day. thank you to everyone who sent cards or presents!!

just woke up face

forward-facing car seat! what fun

birthday nap - much needed

the cake

the cake on the face

present time

finn enjoying the new fire engine tent thingy


Tonya said...

Happy Birthday little Finn! You look like you had a wonderfully fun day. I can't believe it has been a year :) Love you guys!

joyce said...

Great pictures, Corrie! Thanks! Makes us feel a little closer....but Grandma feels pretty far away right now. :( And what a great cake! Artful and crafty!!! Looks like Finn had a great day!!!

Red October said...

what a fun day. thanks for all your hard work on getting things set up for the little fella and hanging out with him around town all day...just for making it special.

i love you

caron said...

looks like he had fun. what a cute little sprout you've got. i like that tent thing. maybe i can talk jason into getting me one for mother's day. ha.

caitlyn said...

Awww those are adorable! He even looks one in a lot of those pics...which is quite weird. Miss the lil' guy and his thunder thighs. =]

darby said...

what a great kid! carrying on the easley tradition with beautiful children.