projects completed

project #1 - cafe apron with double pocket made for ME.

project #2 - one big footed bunny, which will not make it on to blogger because it is not a great specimen. most people probably would not notice it's faults, but i do, and for that reason he will be destroyed.

project #3 - tote bag, made especially for someone in mind.

it's been good to have some sewing projects. i have been more productive... though i get to the point where i just want to finish a project so something gets put on the backburner (like dinner). so it has been a double edged sword! anyway, i will post pictures some other time, my personal computer is on the fritz... boo hiss.


Red October said...

good work, buddy. soon you'll be raking in the dough.

caitlyn said...

Wooo! Yay for sewing. Bravo for that Corrito

Chari & Darin said...

Way to go Corrie! A completed sewing project is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment...making something out of "nothing".