"march blizzard of 2007"

yeah we got a lot of snow, and yes it was and is windy, but is this really a blizzard? i know most of the metro was shut down... but really, other places like minnesota and new york have had twice, three times as much snow. is it just me or are our newscasters in nebraska just a bit dramatic? either way, it was nice to have justin home for a day in the middle of the week.


Tonya said...

well at least you are okay even if it wasn't a *really* blizzard :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Corrie,

Maureen mentioned you might have a blog so I finally got around to looking you up. Looks like I'm an Uncle. Congratulations on Finn, he is a very handsome boy. And if you didn't know...you are an Aunt again. My son, Ethan will be 2 years old in April. I know I'm too old for kids, but it was God's plan so I'm happy.

I'm sorry I missed your wedding and for being such a jerk about staying in touch. Just so you know, I'm just about like Dad when it comes to staying in contact for the most part although I am trying to improve.

It might have helped some if we'd grown up together or knew eachother better. I'm sorry we never got that opportunity, but at least I'm not to blame for that part.

It's awesome to read about you and your husband Justin and the baby. You all look so happy and you are truly blessed.

I just wanted to start out with this note to you. If you want to you can email me at:


Or you can visit my blog: