weekend revue: starring caito and henry

this past weekend we packed the family up in our week old mini van and trekked across the desolate state of iowa, landing in central illinois. we were away from home for a total of 56 hours. 12 hours = driving. 14 hours = sleeping or tossing/turning. 30 hours = glorious time with family. why travel so far for thirty hours, you ask? the answer is twofold.

1) to see our dear sister cait belt it out in her last high school performance

2) to see our newest (and only) easley nephew, henry ezra.

we thouroughly enjoyed our visit, even sleeping a few hours in the hallway was worth it. great job cait, can't wait to see the video of your fall play! and henry was too cute and perfect. our family is the best!


caron said...

grrrrreat to see you--corrie, justin, & finn.

we miss you guys.
can't wait to kick yours in carc.

joyce said...

can't tell you how much i appreciated you all coming and putting up with the "closeness" ...uh...togetherness of the clan! it was way too short. lots of noise. lots of laughter. little sleep. lots of love. the best. treasured memories.... love you all.

caitlyn said...

Nice play on the title there Corrito! =] Thanks. Our family IS the best!