sometimes i think that there is a little video camera following every move i make, and that what it records, is put into finn's little brain.

for example. i had a rough time getting to sleep last night, tossed and turned for about an hour. i blame it on the diet coke i picked up from arby's on my way home from the supermarket [dying of thirst, grocery shopping does that to ya]. anyway, so when i woke up this morning at seven, all i wanted to do was stay in bed... but i got up and let the dog out, fed her, and escorted justin out the door for work. i was so excited when i closed and locked the door, that finn wasn't awake yet. and i may have some time to lay back down, and at least read in bed, if not sleep.
well. i tiptoed past finn's bedroom door, arrived in our room, took off my flip flop's, picked up harry potter and the sorcerer's stone [rereading], laid in bed and covered up. as i opened my book and comfortably situated myself... cue finn. "maammaaa baa dadada." my plan was foiled.

i am certain he was already awake, just waiting for me to be warm and snuggled in bed, anxious to find out again what happens in harry's first quidditch match...

oh well.


joyce said...

would you believe i still love the thought of sneaking back in to bed for a bit?! it almost never happens (especially if it's sunny)....but the thought of it makes it easier to get out of bed!!!

Tonya said...

That happens to me ALL the time so I completely feel your pain. I think the kids come with that sensor too!

caitlyn said...

lol I love that picture. I'm picturing lil' Finn holding this remote control that moves the camera around [the one that follows you] and he has this little built-in TV on which he can watch you. Then...his little evil laugh: "HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!"