mowing marathon

two weeks ago we mowed our lawn in the bitter cold, thirty degree weather. our lawn was long, very very long. we did not rake it.
so as i mowed our almost-as-long-as-last-time lawn today, the clipping piles looked ridiculous. so after mowing our ginormous backyard, i raked the WHOLE thing of extra grass. and i did this all in 1.5 hours, including refilling the push mower with gas when it ran out half way through, and cleaning up the piles.

and now i am exhausted. and sweaty.
but it feels good.
i feel accomlished.

and all of this reminded me of the time i clocked my sister-in-law, caron, while mowing her backyard. i believe her final time was around 8 minutes. and that includes her neighbors backyard too.