ready. set. go.

finn and rudy are such beggars... justin was snacking on potato chips. also got a good picture of finn's curls! they will be chopped off before too long, as they are getting a little unruly -- but they are pretty cute!

we spent a large portion of the weekend - about all of saturday, with the exception of three hours - minivan shopping. one of justin's co-workers knows the owner of several main dealerships in town, and gave us a SUPER deal on this chrysler town and country. it's an '05 with only 24k miles on it!! we never thought that we could get that new of a vehicle in our price range... connections ARE everything! we are happy to have a new addition to the fleet.
if you know anyone who needs an old beater that runs great (just has a few cosmetic and comfort issues that could be fixed easily) for a few hundred bucks, let me know!


projects completed

project #1 - cafe apron with double pocket made for ME.

project #2 - one big footed bunny, which will not make it on to blogger because it is not a great specimen. most people probably would not notice it's faults, but i do, and for that reason he will be destroyed.

project #3 - tote bag, made especially for someone in mind.

it's been good to have some sewing projects. i have been more productive... though i get to the point where i just want to finish a project so something gets put on the backburner (like dinner). so it has been a double edged sword! anyway, i will post pictures some other time, my personal computer is on the fritz... boo hiss.


i picked up this book last weekend, which has some pretty neato patterns in it... i am excited to complete some new projects... someday!

i also bought this big-footed bunny pattern from here. i can't wait to make some easter bunnies! i'll let you know how they turn out.

hope the ol' sewing machine serves me well....


blue like jazz: nonreligious thoughts on christian spirituality

i just finished this book last night and really enjoyed reading it. i usually have a difficult time getting through non-fiction books, but this one was great. it's hard to explain what it's about - it's about a lot of things... this is what the author says about the book...

"Sting has this song where he says that he is alone on an island and puts a message in a bottle and throws it into the ocean, only to wake the next morning and have a hundred million bottles washed upon his shore. He sings "I guess I'm not alone at being alone," and I think that sums up how I feel about Blue Like Jazz. It feels like I thought I was alone but woke up one morning to discover nothing could be further from the truth. And people have been incredibly kind."

(note: i do not agree with everything in this book nor want to explain what i mean by that in this post.. i just thought the book was worth a read)


finn is one!!

yesterday was finn's first birthday. it was great. we even got locked out of the house and car for a short period of time - lucky it was 80 and sunny! here are photos from finn's big day. thank you to everyone who sent cards or presents!!

just woke up face

forward-facing car seat! what fun

birthday nap - much needed

the cake

the cake on the face

present time

finn enjoying the new fire engine tent thingy


st. patrick's day parade (a week early, i know)

the st. patrick's day parade was this weekend. and it was pretty fun. finn wasn't really sure about the fire engine sirens, but he didn't cry at all. the highlight of the parade was seeing about 15 people dressed up in star wars gear... around 10 storm troopers (including a mini one), darth vader and a few other characters from the dark side (were they irish?)... unfortunately the camera was out of battery by then. also, the green horse was pretty cool, kind of wizard of oz-ish. fun was had by all...

justin and finn enjoying the festivities

the green horse of the emerald city... er...



finn loves to play. he'll play with anything. he likes to play with others, but also loves his alone playtime. he also likes to chew. on anything and everything. which kind of reminds me of sunny from lemony snickets' a series of unfortunate events, only she was a biter. his most recent, unlikely chewing victim - his dresser drawers.

playing and chewing. what a life!


flat earth "impossibly good"

last week we went grocery shopping at wal-mart. i don't generally try new brands, especially organic-y vegetable-y earth-y new brands... but i picked up a bag of flat earth cheddar veggie crisps. and they are delightful.

in fact if you visit their website on march 9th, the link is in the title, you can score a free bag of crisps!! do it! i'm going to... i like 'em.


"march blizzard of 2007"

yeah we got a lot of snow, and yes it was and is windy, but is this really a blizzard? i know most of the metro was shut down... but really, other places like minnesota and new york have had twice, three times as much snow. is it just me or are our newscasters in nebraska just a bit dramatic? either way, it was nice to have justin home for a day in the middle of the week.