babies: the epidemic

there are a lot of babies being born. it's a little insane. in a good way, of course.

this is ivory rae, born to tonya and jeff. i know tonya from high school. she is one of my many "moms."

this is josiah parker, my second nephew on the easley side (there are five nieces). we were really excited for this one, as justin and i both were betting he was going to be a girl! josiah is baby to chari and darin, who already have two girls. we can't wait to meet this little guy.

and this little sweetie is noelle marie. her parents are christin and dwayne, who were great pals of ours during our college days at indiana wesleyan university. they now live light years away, in LA.

there is one more, who SHOULD be here, but alas, he is being difficult. it is almost a week past darby's due date, so pray that her little boy makes his appearance soon soon soon!!


caron said...

she's in labor as we speak!

sarah said...

epidemic, indeed!! four of the (young) women i work with are expecting now. that pretty much leaves me and one other girl...who is going on her honeymoon next month.
we're all convinced she's next.:)
how are you?
-sarah m.