how many can you fit in your mouth?

finn just shoved about 20 of these in his mouth. i decided today i am going (to try) to not be the mom who regulates how much a kid puts in their mouth. unless of course it really starts to get dangerous. sometimes i find myself being too militaristic and wanting to enforce unreasonable rules on my 18 month old. anyway, i am starting to let go, beginning with the goldfish.


Things of No Interest said...

You won't care, until that first time he sneezes with 20 half-chewed goldfish in his mouth. I have come to the conclusion that about half the rules we make up for the kids have less to do with safety and more to do with messes, pending messes, and potential for pending messes. The preschool wants us to wean our kids from sippy cups? No - they can drink from a cup just fine, what they can't do is avoid knocking the cup over. Too much food in the mouth is a sneeze hazard, not a choking hazard. You wear shoes outside, not so you don't cut your feet, but so there is no temptation to squeeze mud between your toes....