thursday, already?!

this week has been no less busy than last week.
monday was an ALL DAY - NON STOP, clean day. every last speck of the house was cleaned. with the exception of the garage, but one can only do SO much.
tuesday was a realtor walk thru, and we had to stay out of the house for five hours. so we did this and that, and ended up going to cathy's house.
wednesday i went grocery shopping and did NOTHING. i needed a day of nothingness.
and today finn and i skipped over to cathy's, picked up the girls to go to the play place at the mall (and get soft pretzels, of course). we got back to cathy's, had lunch, played a bit, and the kids went down for a nap. after a little craziness in the afternoon, finn and i left for home.
and here we are. and i think we have friends coming over tonight, but i don't know for sure!
tomorrow we don't really have any plans, but i had thought to have our garage sale this weekend, so i might prepare for that a little.
sorry there are no pictures or anything. just not motivated. lucky to post at all!!!


caron said...

yo homey. got a soft pretzel at the mall, too?! dang! auntie anne's=one of my favorites. i was just thinking about getting one of their "make at home" packs to bake with the girls. mm hmm.

cool u got to chill with those little gals. glad u r still alive after such a busy week.