the dining table

my sisterinlaw caron just got a dining room table to replace ones that were not really suitable for a family of five. this made me think of how important the dining room really is. it's the family meeting place, the place where everyone comes after their day apart. other things besides just eating happen at the dining room table. conversations. crafts. baking. homework. carving pumpkins. playing board games.

so i was thinking back to some of my favorite memories at the table that i grew up with, which was actually passed down to me and sits in my dining room right now. these probably aren't really important to you, but it's funny how the smallest memories can mean a lot to an individual.

i remember sitting at the table after a taco dinner with my brother and my best friend danielle. i was probably in seventh grade. danielle and zack were having a heated discussion about evolution. i was kind of bored and didn't care to join in... but there was a bowl of chopped lettuce sitting there... so amidst the raised voices, i munched on the lettuce and pretended to be a monkey. nobody noticed for awhile, but after they did, i think they were pretty confused!

i remember sitting at the table when my now stepdad came over for the first time to meet me. i remember mom had made chocolate chip cookies that day, and made a great dinner, complete with corn... i proceeded to eat the corn, when one kernel got stuck on my lip. everyone looked at me, and with one quick vaccumm-like suck, i managed to inhale the kernel into my mouth... along with making mom and ken laugh hysterically.

i remember sitting at the table and dipping easter eggs with my stepdad... our first easter in central illinois.

anyway, all to say, i am glad for dining room tables. and i am glad to have good memories at ours. and i hope our children will have great memories of gathering around our table.


Tonya said...

so true! I have great memories around my table as well. Even with my kids I have good memories :)

joyce said...

ahh. Dying Easter eggs at our KITCHEN table....Wonder how many non-family members have crowded around that table over the years! And wondering how many times we have put the extra leaves in our dining room table... that belonged to my great-grandparents! Thanks for bringing back the memories, Corrie!