reasons why today is not as bad as yesterday

after a rough start to my day yesterday, it did progressively get a little better, ending in the watching of my favorite summer shows, pirate master and so you think you can dance (summer tv is pretty pathetic) and a shower.

today is better than yesterday. top reasons:

1) finn has been really goofy today, and helpful, he has learned to put toys away.
2) my fantasy baseball team is back into the number two spot.
3) we get to actually LEAVE the house this evening, and see fireworks.
4) i woke up with a better attitude.
5) i might have time during finn's nap to read a chapter in my book.

top reason why today could end worse than yesterday:

1) i took my last migraine-deflector pill on wednesday night, as the dr. wanted me to try life again without it. it has been four months of mostly headache free days... and now that i have a headache, i miss that medicine. but yesterday was highly stressful, so i'll blame the headache on that and pretend i am still taking my medicine. in fact, i might even swallow a fruit snack everynight before bed and see if any placebo effect would take place... now there's a thought, my own medical trial.


Tonya said...

you'll have to let us know if the fruit snack works!

joyce said...

I'll be praying that the fruit snacks work, Corrie! Otherwise, hope the Dr. evaluates soon so you aren't left in misery!