tennessee part one: family

we are back from tennessee! it was a great trip.
instead of blogging about the whole trip at once, i figured i'd do it in sections, as there are far to many pictures and stories to share. so on with part one.

finn has changed a lot since we had seen my family last december. so it was one of the highlights of the trip to see him interact with his grandparents and uncle. finn loved uncle zack... his face lit up everytime zack came in the room! and by the end of the trip finn was sharing lots of kisses with grammie dee and grandpa ken (my mom got 14 in a row!!).


joyce said...

great pictures!Finn is so adorable... I imagine he knocked their socks off in Tenn.! Glad you made it home safely...and had a good time! I'll be anxious to see each installment! :)

Tonya said...

Welcome back! Love the pictures :)

Chari & Darin said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all. I'm jealous of the time they got with you guys (not that it wasn't overdue for them!), but we sure do miss you guys. Thanks for the pictures!

caitlyn said...

Cute pictures. Something looks different about Ken...not sure what. Maybe it's the glasses gone.

Welcome back, btw. And who's the half-naked guy in the background?