caron told us about this yahoo group called freecycle a couple of weeks ago. you join your town's freecycle group, people post things they want to get rid of or things they would like to have, and everyone in the group gets an email about the item wanted or offered. all you have to do is arrange to pick up the item.
so i set up a want post for a little tykes car... and within hours someone responded saying they had one to give!! the horn doesn't work, and it is pretty old, but saved me $50, and finn doesn't know the difference.
anyway, it has quickly become finn's favorite toy, and he cries when it's time to leave it!


Chari & Darin said...

I just have to say...that little guy is soo cute. Perhaps I'm a bit partial because I'm his aunt, but I think he could be a cover baby (or should I say toddler)! Miss you guys!

joyce said...

what a winning smile!! love this pic, Corrie! i must agree with Chari.... but I may be partial too.....?!

Anonymous said...

You gooooooooooo girlllllllllllll! That a way!!!

Tonya said...

I love that idea. I should see if we have one in our area!