our weekend

what a great, busy, and strange weekend!
friday as soon as justin walked in the door from work, we were out the door on our way to his boss's house (who is also our sister-in-law's parents). we were invited over for pizza and fireworks; they have a great view of them right out their front door. finn loved playing with the other kids there... and he stayed up until 11:00!!! he loved the fireworks, just sat on my lap and watched and pointed up in the sky everynow and then... the night was great, except for when finn threw up at dinner - i am not sure finn has really ever thrown up before, so this was a little weird, but he just had his immunizations on wednesday and i also am pretty sure he is getting teeth... so i just blamed those things for the occurence.

we all slept in on saturday until almost nine!! that NEVER happens. after we all got ready for the day, we left on a grocery shopping excursion... aldi's first and then walmart for the few items we needed there. we were invited to justin's co-workers house for saturday evening, for some grilled food, at-home fireworks and late night guitar hero! so we drove out west... tara has two children, taylor and max... quite loveable children. finn also loved playing with them! we were all set to eat dinner, i had almost sat in my chair, when finn threw up all over justin (he was sitting in his lap, munching). and it was a lot. tara and her family are no strangers to vomit, so everyone threw in a helping hand to clean up... finn had a quick bath, justin had a quick change of pants (from jeans to KISS pajama pants - hahaa!)... well, after finn went to bed, max started acting real quiet and sick. and sure enough, before long, he had lost his dinner too. he went to sleep not long after that, and the rest of us stepped outside for a small fireworks show put on by tara's husband. and by 10:30, we were back inside playing guitar hero, when taylor fell asleep on the couch. we didn't leave until around 12:30! two late nights in a row for us. but it was worth it, even worth the puke.

we stayed home from church today, mostly because we didn't want finn throwing up in nursery. and i am glad we kept him home, because on his last bite of lunch, he threw it all up. he didn't take a very long nap... and as we speak is falling to pieces. finn has never really been sick before, so we'll see what happens in the next couple of days.


Tonya said...

Poor Baby. I hate cleaning up puke!