on sleep

it's only natural that finn should be a sleep-a-holic... seeing as justin and i get more than enough sleep (er, around 8.5 hours, which is more than most adults with children get i am sure). but sometimes i wonder if he is sleeping TOO much! the little guy sleeps 12.5 hours at night... he had been taking 1, 2-3 hour nap during the day, but over the last week, that nap has increased to a typical 4 hour nap!! so that's like eight hours of wake time. amazing. i guess he needs it.
but either way it amazes me... and i am thankful for it. through these last weeks of such busyness, his long naps have helped me to cope!

in other news, i hit my first squirrel this weekend. actually it was the first animal i have ever hit. and i nearly cried. i felt so bad. just a big old "thunk."

AND my fantasy baseball team is STILL in first place!! i love it.

[ew, sick... check out that grody pink tile in our bathroom in the pic - that bathroom is the pimple of our house..]


Jaybird said...

One of my favorite posts ever. It has Finn. It has much humor (whapped squirrels, pink tile bathroom referred to as a pimple, Justin's feminine knees....). I miss you guys. Now, please post a picture of the 33 pounds of cardboard goodness.

caitlyn said...

Oh geez, you boys. You and your board game craziness. Seriously. Granted, they're way better than video games, but still...you guys are dorks.

But I'll ditto half of Jay's comments: Finn is adorable and I love him and I like the pink tile reference. But Justin's knees are just bony and almost unattractively skinny, not feminine, and Corrie, I feel for you: I've yet to hit an animal, but I was in the car when Melissa Kolowski/Hudson ran over a family of skunks. "thudthudthudthudTHUD"