wee bunnies

here are two wee bunnies i made for some girlie twins i know... for their birthday, which was in MARCH (yeah, late, i know...) complete with the appropriate initial on the bottom, so they don't get mixed up, of course.
i ended up having to do them by hand... as my sewing machine is not precise and difficult to control its' speed, making most detailed projects looking silly.


joyce said...

these are adorable, Corrie! So talented...by hand, no less! I keep thinking I'm going to pick my craft work back up....hasn't happened yet. :( Proud of you!

Chari & Darin said...

You are so crafty! I'm impressed and inspired by your ambition. And...belated gifts are sometimes the best...more appreciated after the flood of gifts you receive on your b-day!

caron said...

corrie! they will love those little gifts. give it to 'em, i say! give it to 'em!

so proud.