morning cup

finn loves milk. in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. here he is early this morning enjoying his first cup of the day. also in the last picture, there is a photo of our friends' little boy, ayden, on the floor. finn loves to carry pictures of little kids around.

also he learned how to walk this last week. he gets in a lot more trouble now. and loves to sneak away from supervision to do naughty things.

we are off to illinois this weekend for cait's graduation... yea!! it will be a short visit, but fun, nonetheless.


Tonya said...

Yep, once they start walking there is no turning back :) What a little cutie!

caron said...

he is sooo cute, corrito!

Chari & Darin said...

Great pictures, Corrito! What cute little guy he is...those big brown eyes and soft smile. We miss him already!

joyce said...

man...it went too fast. miss you all already. :( beautiful grandson :)