finn moneybags

well, finn's piggy bank was getting too full. to the point where you start thinking, "it would be really sad if someone stole finn's piggy."

so we sped down five blocks to wells fargo; one of my FAVORITE things about nebraska is this bank. i couldn't imagine a service that they don't provide. i love them. anyway, we opened up finn's bank account! it was pretty exciting. he gets a wells fargo buck for every three dollars deposited, and after you save so many, you can buy little gifts or if you save a lot, a savings bond! and there is NO minimum balance necessary! so that was exciting. it will be even more exciting when finn turns eighteen and he is loaded. and hopefully we'll be able to instill in him that it's okay to spend money, but it's also important to save a little.

and that is what we accomplished this morning. that, and i took a shower. oh, and i put the dishes away. what a morning - HA!


Tonya said...

Those first bank accounts are so fun! And you got a SHOWER!!!