last night, justin mentioned that we should be more creative with finn, more imaginative. he suggested that we start telling him made-up stories or stories about us when we were little. and i thought this was a great idea.

i can remember my mom telling me stories when i was a little girl, about all sorts of things. but i specifically remember one, which is on cassette tape somewhere, about the wicked witch of the west. i don't remember what the story was, exactly... just that the witch was in it. i can also remember my cousin brandon asking for auntie dee (my mom) to tell him a bedtime story, a made-up one... she made up such good, ridiculous stories, no one could resist.

and one of my favorite stories about annabelle, my neice, is when she started her own made-up story with, "one time, when i was a carebear..." and i hope that finn will develop a similar imagination.

all to say, that being a parent is fun, because in certain moments, it's just like being a little kid again, imagination and all.


Tonya said...

We love to make up stories with the kids being princes and princesses and there are dragons too. Very fun and sometimes VERY silly. Also I wanted to say that Violet was a name we were thinking about but the middle name would be Rae not Mae...I just thought that was cool :)

i am dede said...

Oh, you remember the "wicked witch of the west"...it was all in fun! I have the tape if you want a copy! And Baby B still talks about those bedtime stories....they all ended with "and what was the moral of that story???"...yes, I LOVE being a "kid"...58 years later! Wonderful idea for Finn...keep that imagination alive in our "little tank"!!!