mr. green, with a paintbrush, in the bedroom

two weeks ago we painted our bedroom... it was mauve, and was killing my spirit slowly.

here is a before, compared to the primer. i also learned at this time that the ceiling was painted a light pink... i don't know if i am just colorblind, but i never realized it as i had no point of reference... as of now the pink ceiling remains, and it's not horrible, but we'll see.

and after! i like it.


mowing marathon

two weeks ago we mowed our lawn in the bitter cold, thirty degree weather. our lawn was long, very very long. we did not rake it.
so as i mowed our almost-as-long-as-last-time lawn today, the clipping piles looked ridiculous. so after mowing our ginormous backyard, i raked the WHOLE thing of extra grass. and i did this all in 1.5 hours, including refilling the push mower with gas when it ran out half way through, and cleaning up the piles.

and now i am exhausted. and sweaty.
but it feels good.
i feel accomlished.

and all of this reminded me of the time i clocked my sister-in-law, caron, while mowing her backyard. i believe her final time was around 8 minutes. and that includes her neighbors backyard too.



sometimes i think that there is a little video camera following every move i make, and that what it records, is put into finn's little brain.

for example. i had a rough time getting to sleep last night, tossed and turned for about an hour. i blame it on the diet coke i picked up from arby's on my way home from the supermarket [dying of thirst, grocery shopping does that to ya]. anyway, so when i woke up this morning at seven, all i wanted to do was stay in bed... but i got up and let the dog out, fed her, and escorted justin out the door for work. i was so excited when i closed and locked the door, that finn wasn't awake yet. and i may have some time to lay back down, and at least read in bed, if not sleep.
well. i tiptoed past finn's bedroom door, arrived in our room, took off my flip flop's, picked up harry potter and the sorcerer's stone [rereading], laid in bed and covered up. as i opened my book and comfortably situated myself... cue finn. "maammaaa baa dadada." my plan was foiled.

i am certain he was already awake, just waiting for me to be warm and snuggled in bed, anxious to find out again what happens in harry's first quidditch match...

oh well.


sunday exploration

what could be more fun than exploring your own front yard!? we had great fun on sunday sitting outside, watching finn explore... rocks, grass, mulch, dandelions... so many new things that he hasn't been able to feel before. it was great fun.

chop chop

before: wild, crazy, uncontrollable

after: neat, clean, and cute


did you know!?

maybe i have been living in a closet... but i just figured out last night that itunes offers a FREE single of the week!! FREE!

This weeks freebie: The Cinematics, "A Strange Education," which i actually like.


my visual DNA

this was fun, and took up some time while waiting for justin to get home... tonight is leftover night, for dinner, so i had some free time to kill... and this is what i did... very productive...

and in the case that you care, it was announced a bit ago that larry birkhead is "dannielynn's" biological father... phew, i was worried for a bit...


that's one strange potato

we weren't sure what to get finn for easter, as he isn't big on candies yet... and then we stumbled upon this little gem at target! how fun! a potato head with peter parker AND spiderman identities! what more could a little boy want? so we grabbed up spidey spud and he came home with us. finn likes the eyes more than anything.

here are some more fun pictures of finn...i think he has recovered from his rough day last week.

the video of finn's bad day for all to see

if you are thinking of becoming a parent, just remember that is isn't all smiles, giggles and cheerios... you also must endure days like these. but it's worth it.


finn's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

finn is on the fritz and has spend eighty percent of the day crying/whining and hanging on my pant leg, and the other twenty sitting in his exersaucer watching his ABC's movie (a mom needs a break sometimes, yo, and this quiets and captivates the little rugrat). yesterday justin mentioned he thought finn was getting a too(ee)th, and i said, "no, i don't think so." i will change my position, and vote (hope) that this is why he is being crazy.

video documentation of finn's wackiness today, will be coming soon. it's actually kind of humorous (if you weren't watching it ALL DAY LONG).


jack rabbito (pronounced "rabeetoh")

well, here is the big footed bunny that came out well... or better than the first one. i chose too lite of embroidery floss for his mouth so it's hard to see... but oh well.
as you can see, he is sporting an elvis jumpsuit. who doesn't love elvis? i mean, c'mon!
this little rabbit was given to our dear nephew henry, though i have a feeling his older sisters will have a go at this little cutie first. er, at least i think he's cute...

i dominate all things - boo yah

woohoo! florida wins! in real life i could care less who wins such competitions - but i filled out a bracket just for fun (with my next to nothing knowledge, except that creighton is in omaha, and my brother went to siu) all on my own. and what do you know!? i chose right, and justin DID NOT!! hehe.

also, i am playing in justin's "brother's" fantasy baseball league. this is our first week of games, and even though i know little to nothing about playing fantasy sports, i am (so far mind you) whopping the competition!

boo yah!


weekend revue: starring caito and henry

this past weekend we packed the family up in our week old mini van and trekked across the desolate state of iowa, landing in central illinois. we were away from home for a total of 56 hours. 12 hours = driving. 14 hours = sleeping or tossing/turning. 30 hours = glorious time with family. why travel so far for thirty hours, you ask? the answer is twofold.

1) to see our dear sister cait belt it out in her last high school performance

2) to see our newest (and only) easley nephew, henry ezra.

we thouroughly enjoyed our visit, even sleeping a few hours in the hallway was worth it. great job cait, can't wait to see the video of your fall play! and henry was too cute and perfect. our family is the best!