illinois. influenza. (please someone buy our house).

the past few weeks have been a little insane.
finn and i left for illinois on friday, march 7, with caitlyn, to visit with justin and the in-laws. the first weekend was great. then my father-in-law got sick the following monday, flu-like symptoms. and it all went downhill from there.
it was tuesday, i think, when finn started with the cough, runny nose, and all around whiney-ness.
it was wednesday i started with the cough.
thursday was finn's birthday, in which he didn't even want to eat a piece of his own birthday cake. so sad.
friday was when i got hit with everything. justin's boss gave him a special day off so that he could spend it with finn and i, as a birthday present to finn... but it ended up being a day of taking care of us.
friday evening my fever started, and around 8pm it was 101.3. called my baby doctor, who said, "we highly recommend that you see someone once your temp is over 100.1, so go now..." which meant we were off to the ER, being that all other places were closed.
we got right in. had a breathing treatment for the ol' asthma. got my blood taken. had an influenza test (they shove a skinny q-tip up your nose into your sinuses). they listened to the baby's heartbeat to make sure it was not in distress (it wasn't). the flu test came back positive, which meant i was taking the influenza A strain back with me. and they gave me a prescription for vicodin. WHAT!? for the FLU!! i was having really bad headaches, and not sleeping. the next three or four days are a bit of a blur, as i was in and out of sleep. it's hard being a mom when all you want to be is a kid being taken care of by a mom! especially when your kid is sick too!
it was tuesday or wednesday before i started feeling a little better. and even now i still don't feel like i am better. oh, maybe that's because now i have a SINUS infection.
well, justin ended up driving back to omaha with me on good friday. justin's brother cam and his family drove back too, as they found a good deal on a car in omaha. they left saturday, and justin just left this morning on the train. so after three weeks of having someone around all of the time, it is back to being just me and finn. in a quiet house.
we did have someone come look at our house twice this weekend, and it was said by their realtor that they had planned to write up an offer - we haven't heard back yet, so who knows. but that would be wonderful. and i would start packing like a maniac.

today = grocery shopping. dr. visit. sleep, sleep, sleep. and maybe a shower :)


Tonya said...

Your baby ticker is getting close! I hope and pray someone buys your house, SOON. I am glad you are feeling better. Take it easy mama. And happy birthday to little Finn!!!

Susanne said...

Wow. That's epic. Hope you're feeling better now; let me know if you need anything, even if it's just to take the little guy for an afternoon so you can get some rest -- or some packing (!) in.