finn's birthday: part two

finn was sick on his birthday. i think the only thing he ate this day was a waffle. i plan to post a video of this same scene, where at the beginning, finn refuses any type of food - even cookies. poor little guy! oh well, he wasn't refusing his presents!

TWO!! i had great plans to make a football cake - but turns out i was sick too, so he got this boring ol' thing.

wait, is that a SMILE! these were hard to come by this day.

i suppose it didn't really matter what his cake looked like, since he didn't want to eat it anyway... maybe we should do a re-do birthday or something.

finn playing with some of his presents (no, he didn't get ALL of those train cars for his birthday, he got three to add to his collection tho... he loves those things.) he also got a variety of other vehicles, a curious george book, two styrofoam swords, and probably some other stuff.


juls said...

what a cutie! i have a "fin" too (finley). he turned 2 at the end of january. i look forward to meeting you and for our finns to meet and play.