-caitlyn came to visit. her train (supposed to arrive at 10:30) was 2.5 hours late. thank goodness for ring-a-words, which took me through that last long hour. we laughed, we ate, we napped, we even got an oil change in the van.

-dr. appt. this last week revealed nothing new. everything is as it should be. and dr. thinks all is going perfectly. let's hope that lasts.

-no house news. nothing. nada. except that temps are supposedly getting warmer, which should draw more people. and a buyer. and the end of this craziness.

-finn turns two in less than a week. he does new things (read: not always good new things) everyday. he is obsesses with vehicles and remains an avid fan of puppies. and kitties. and, well, all animals.

-my parents and brother are going to switzerland on tuesday. this sounds like fun.

-the quilt is coming along, although i made a few other things, which stalled the process a little. hope to catch up with production this week :)

and that's all.


Tonya said...

Just wanted to say Hi. Can't wait for you to move closer :)