reasons why i like living here... and the rock

since we live so far away from family and dear friends, sometimes it is difficult to find redeeming qualities of living here in o. but today i decided i would think positively and embrace our location. so here is the list i concocted while walking to the post office.

- the post office, library, bank, dmv, countless thrift stores and the grocery store are all within walking distance
- the zoo is less than two miles away,which we now go to at least twice a week
- the interstate is less than one mile away
- the people are friendly, and interesting (which is sometimes a negative!!)
- cornhusker football games are really fun to go to
- there are at least five fabric shops that i have to choose from
- there is always a garage sale nearby
- if you want to buy a car, there are jillions of dealers around
- there are lots of bookstores, coffee shops, movie theaters (discount ones are especially wonderful) malls, antique shops and other cool places to go

o would actually be a really great place to live, if only our entire family wasn't in illinois!

the rock
every time we go outside, even if it is just to get in the car, finn will pick up a little landscape rock and carry it around. he tries to smuggle them into the car, or into the house. he will hold on so tight, as if it were a precious gem, and will burst into tears if you take it away (which always happens). before we left for the PO today he picked up a rock. he held onto it all the way there. he held onto it all the way back. he held onto it for the fifteen minutes after the walk during which he was playing outside. not even letting go to re-tighten his grip, just a steady hold for almost an hour. if he falls, he does not let go of the rock so he has a hand to help break the fall... no, he will break his fall with the back of his hand instead! i don't know where this obsession has come from, but it is unbelievable and quite strange. what are strange things that your kids do?


Things of No Interest said...

I would need a new blog to chronicle Ashton and Ainsley's strange quirks.
Hmm that might be an idea...

Red October said...

do it charles...i would have loved a pic of Ainsley trying to put the stickers on the C&C markers!!

caron said...

hilarious, corrie!

annabelle still tries to sneak a pull or two on a pacifier.

when eating a snack, vi has to have a chip/graham crack in each hand before she'll start.