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my habit

i have this habit of moving things around the house. i think it is a positive thing, because, in doing so, i am making more efficient use of space, or putting things were they belong more appropriately. justin thinks this is a bad habit because he can never find things.

last night justin came to the conclusion that finn takes after me in this way. he is always moving his toys around the house, putting them away in different spots. i suspect this is because he thinks these new places are better places for his toys (the shoe locker by the door, the blanket basket, sometimes even the drawers under the tv, his dresser, just wherever his toys fit the best). this is not funny for our dog, rudy, whose bones and toys will also end up in random, unreachable places throughout the house. i suppose she feels toward finn the way justin feels towards me, in regard to this habit.

oh well. it just proves that finn really did come from me, and you are more like your parents than you think, even if you are only one and a half.


Red October said...

man, this is a funny post!

but what you're saying is: i am to rudy what you are to finn OR i am a dog and you're a person.


Chari & Darin said...

I'm right there with you, Corrie-O! We that have perfectionistic tendencies are always in search of how to make our lives more effecient...sometimes to the frustration of our husbands! Glad to know we're sisters in more ways than one! Oh yea...my girls take after me in this regard...frustrates Darin...but I think it's great...they're on the road to becoming great homemakers! Better that, than to be raising slobs, eh?

corrie said...

i think it is hilarious when i find a toy car in the tupperware drawer. or a bottle of bubbles in the dvd drawer. it really is funny. it keeps you on your toes.

caitlyn said...

lol I agree with Justin: funny post. =] I really enjoyed that. I don't know that I'm that bad, but I do feel the need to clean up after the kids when everyone's home, even if I know it's not going to do much.

caitlyn said...

By the way: your dudes are looking good =]