my sister-in-law, caron, introduced me to hits some time ago. i liked them. they were good. i was at world market last week and decided to pick some up. and now i LOVE them. finn loves them too. they are the perfect combo of sweet and crackery. yum.

i decided to change the blog up a little today... it is a cloudy, cool day in nebraska. maybe that's why i chose gray for the new color. but it needed some updating, so update i did.

other blog-worthy items:
- finn is getting a load of teeth, like FIVE. this explains the runny nose
- i cleaned the entire house plus four loads of laundry on monday
- the house on the corner finally cut their prairie-grass lawn
- caitlyn (sis-in-law) leaves for indiana wesleyan university on thursday
- caron ja annie vi and henpen move into their house in hanna this week/end
- the repaving of 24th street is finally done which means traffic on our street will go back to normal.

and that's a wrap.


Amy Binkerd said...

Yeah, Caitlyn is coming!! Does she remember us? I don't want to freak her out, but she's the closest tangible thing I'll have of you so I might stalk her. Does she have a cell phone? Maybe she will come to church with me or come to my cell group that I lead on Wednesday nights. Okay, I'll shut up now just in case she reads this and mistakes me for a psycho. Love ya Corr!!

caron said...

no mistake, amy. :) ain't nothing wrong with bein' crazy for ole cait-o.

sweet new blog, corrito. i like the updates...and i like those cookies...and i wish you were here RIGHT NOW.