weekend creations.

my first batch of fudge didn't even make it into the baking pan to cool. this is a no-brainer recipe, one that you can't mess up. and then it fell into the hands of my pregnant self. all you do is microwave 16 oz. of semi-sweet baking chocolate, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, then after you microwave that, you add 2 tsp. vanilla. mix it, put it in a foil lined 8x8, and throw it in the fridge for two hours. easy, right? not when you buy unsweetened baking chocolate instead of semi sweet. there is no amount of sugar in the world that can correct this evil flavor. and it does not microwave well.

but my second batch, made with the correct ingredients, came out just lovely. i even added walnuts to one half of the batch. (sidenote: there is more of it, of course, these were just the pieces that made it into the photo...)

pound cake with lemon icing.
i haven't tried this one yet, so i can't say it turned out perfect, but it sure looks pretty...
i used a classic butter pound cake recipe... butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, milk, flour, salt and baking powder. the batter sure tasted good. i was hoping for a loaf, but the recipe called for a bundt cake, so i just went with it.
i never really thought about why a pound cake is called by it's name. i guess to me it's like asking 'why is an apple called an apple?' but there is a reason for it's name. after my recipe digging, i found that a pound cake is so called because back 'in the day' it called for a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, and a pound of eggs... and obviously some other things.
anyway, it was fun to make something from scratch, something that i have never made before. hopefully it's as good as sara lee's. mmm.

then there came the icing... lemon icing sounded good, so i went with it. typical icing recipe, just powdered sugar and then added a couple tbsp of lemon juice... it tasted good by itself, so i am hoping it is just as good on the cake!

i have tried the cake since writing this, and it is good --- not AS good as sara lee. in fact not even close. still, tasty, just less pound cakey, i think.

i'm not sure why the baking bug has bit me, but it has. i have a banana bread on the docket tomorrow (mom's recipe) and after that, i am stopping!! i ordered some fabric for finn's quilt which should be here in the next few days, so hopefully the sewing bug will overpower the baking bug.


Tatsu said...

Corrie, I have a recipe for the BEST lemon pound cake (bread pan/loaf sized). Let me know if the bug is still there, I can send it to you.

Red October said...

do sent it, charles.

corrie - this stuff looks awesome! i hope the bug doesn't leave. toss out some pics of finn's quilt when you start pulling that thing together.

Chari & Darin said...

Okay...this was the worst post Chari could have seen today...the first official day of me starting my Body for Life diet. I am starving to say the least, and craving chocolate more than anything. That fudge looks amazing. Perhaps it's a good thing that it's 8+ hours away! Love you guys!

lindsay said...

ooh fudge. the bug just bit me.

i am making banana bread tomorrow too! must be all this snow.