approximately sixty five percent complete.

that's how complete this pregnancy is. it's hard for me to imagine all of the things that must be accomplished before this baby comes, in 12-15 weeks. not that the list is incredibly long, but the things on the list are incredibly HUGE. for example, MOVE. not just MOVE, but MOVE to another state. not just another state, but one that is six hours away. and before we can MOVE, we must SELL the house. after we SELL and MOVE, there is, of course, the finding of WHO will cut me open to get our baby out. and after that happens, the HOW will i lose all of this weight quicker than i did with finn.

so much to happen, and only thirty five percent left. yikes! it's getting scary!

for now, i will just enjoy my lemon lime arctic freeze from dairy queen, and think about all of that later.


Tonya said...

You know you could try to have the baby without the c-section?! You would loose weight faster that way...