crazy week = no posts

this week has been BUSY. we have been on the move day after day, doing this or that, accomplishing like never before.

this week we have:

- put our house up for sale.
- perpetually cleaned our house, as it must always be prepared to be viewed. (this is really difficult for a perfectionist like myself. getting ready to leave the house is like a two hour process!! it's ridiculous.)
- gone through the majority of our belongings for an upcoming garage sale (maybe next saturday?) this was a daunting task. i like to throw stuff away. justin likes his things and doesn't like to throw away. which is fine, i just really like having as few belongings as humanly possible (with the exception of shoes, hehe).
- priced almost all of those items.
- did some target shopping (actually twice)
- and the last two days have been spent watching the d.senno kids, whose mama (cathy) had some crazy hip surgery on wednesday. zach, 5, and annie and sophie, 2.5, are great kids. finn loves, LOVES to hang out with them. we look forward to spending more time with them as cathy continues to recuperate.

tomorrow justin and i get some time away. we are going out to lincoln for the husker game. woohoo! we like to go to at least one a year. and justin's wonderful boss(es) make that possible for us. i can't wait to get some of that overpriced, ballpark food. mmmmm. finn will stay with our pals justin and susie... thanks guys! and hopefully after the game, we will get some boardgaming in with j and s. and that takes us to sunday, which hopefully will be VERY restful, because we need it.

so until next week...


Tonya said...

sounds like a crazy busy week! glad you made it through ;)

caron said...

i bet the game was AWEsome.

and from recent experience: i prefer being kinda busy to having nothing to do. fo sho.

Lauren said...

You're moving? To where?

corrie said...

probably just to an apt. somewhere here for awhile... selling our house would enable us to pay off a lot of our SCHOOL BILLS!! woohoo.