my wednesday

i woke up with what they call "aura," one of the first signs of migraines that many people experience. it must have been in the final stages because it wasn't long before my head started pounding and the nausea kicked in. i took my medicine. and begged justin to stay home from work - which thankfully he did, even though he has had a lot going on lately.

it wasn't 45 minutes later (by which time i thought the medicine should be kicking in) that i started throwing up. not exactly the flavor of choice when all you've had is water and medicine (though i suppose it's better than indian food...) so i called the dr. like anyone would do to ask him if i should take more medicine, since i wasn't sure how much of that medicine had dissolved into my system. of course the doctors never actually TALK on the phone, so i left the message with the receptionist, trying to convey that i was in a lot of pain. one hour. two hours. three hours. i was sick of waiting and being in pain. i called, and i got the answer in like two seconds - was it so hard to pick up the phone to call a patient?? sheesh. they prescribed me new meds. by the time justin got them and i had them in my system it was already lunchtime.

they seem to take the pain away, and make me a lot less dizzy than the others -- the question is, is if they will help me at the onset of the migraine, which is where the other meds lacked. anyway, it wasn't a great day.

i keep saying, i just hope i wake up tomorrow feeling normal again --- please.


Tonya said...

Corrie I am so sorry to hear that you have been getting migraines. That total stinks with a little one around. And yes #4 is on the way, Lord willing...I've had some problems. Take care sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I take Topomax twice daily 50 mg once in the morning and once in the evening. Then an Imitrex as needed if a migraine sneaks through that which it rarely does. It cut my migraines down from 12 per month to 1 every 2 months that only lasts up to 1-2 hours thanks to the Imitrex. Hoped this would help a fellow migraine sufferer.