when i was in high school, a freshman i think, i had migraines really bad, stress related (high school is a stressful time, let's face it). my vision would go wacky, and then i'd get a horrible headache combined with some wacky nausea. not cool. i'd get two or three a week for about two months. but after that spell, i'd get them a few times a year - nothing to bat your eye at.

the last few months have been another story. they haven't been horrible, maybe one migraine and a few little headaches each month since october... but since the new year i have had three migraines. they generally put me out for the whole day. and having a part time at home job, along with being an at home mommy, that isn't easy to be out of commission for a WHOLE day.

so today, as i woke up and realized it was gonna be one of those days, i had had it. that was it. i was sick of telling my boss i couldn't work for the day. sick of sitting finn in front of the tc for three hours and shutting him in his room for the rest of the day (though he probably could care less, he loves to play by himself)... so i called the doc and got right it.

he gave me some meds, zebutol or something. they make me REALLY dizzy. i have to hold on to the wall if i want to walk around, or splat. they do take the pain away though. he wants me to try them out for a bit, at the onset of a migraine and then throughout the day. the catch is, if i go through this whole bottle in three months, there is something deeper. thus would follow the drama - the head scan, and probably meds every day for the rest of my life, assuming there is nothing wrong with my ol' brain.

so, prayer is needed. firstly, that the migraines would just not come back EVER again. that would be ideal. secondly, that if they do return, that the docs are able to find a good solution to this problem. thirdly, that i don't dwell. i have a tendency to get caught up in problems, issues. then, the more i think about them, the worse it gets. worse scenarios play in my head when i am trying to go to sleep at night... total drama - my downfall.

i appreciate your prayers.