My parents are moving!

As of this past weekend, my parents are officially moving to Tennessee. So long to the Land of Lincoln, where my mom has lived since before I was born. The move will take place August 30th... so soon!

They are both very excited. They have found the home they will retire in, the home their grandkids will remember as "grandma and grandpa Hupp's place." Tennessee doesn't only offer beautiful views. The community their house is located in boasts of 3 golf course, a lake, a community building, any club you could possibly imagine... what more could a retired person want! Their town is located in the very eastern part of Tennessee, near Knoxville.

As for me, this should prove to be an interesting transition. I have never really felt like I live far away from parents. A quick 6 hour drive, and zap, there they are. But now, it just seems that they will be so far away. An almost impossible drive. I guess there comes a point in everyone's life (or at least most people's) when the focus turns away from the family you grew up in and towards the family you are cultivating for yourself. Of course we will all still be close, but it won't be the same only seeing them a few times a year.

Anyway, we ARE very excited as well for them, as they move on with the next chapter in their lives. And we will have a nice vacation spot, being right near the Smokey Mountains!
So here's to you, mom and Ken, good luck getting ready - August 30th is just around the corner!


Christin said...

Hello Corrie! Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi!" It's been great hearing from you over on my blog.;-)
Finn is adorable. Dwayne and I are so happy for you guys!