i am cute

what a cute face!

finn has mastered the art of "roaming." he is not rolling yet, but somehow he can manage to move, at least several feet, getting himself in a good position to see whats going on (mom at the computer, the evening news, etc.). he has been quite vocal the last few days, and has found his grunt, when trying desperately to move around. finn's been sleeping great (7:30 PM to around 6AM, with a quick snack at 9:30)! it has been great to get real sleep.

finn has moved up to size 3 diapers now, so now he and cousin caroline are in the same size, and she is five months older... i think finn will be able to hold his own among all those girl cousins he has!


caitlyn said...

lol awww yeah he will be able to! he IS so cute!